Burulaş Bursakart
Burulaş Otobüs

Those traveling with a Discounted or Free Travel card must show their “Personalized BursaKart” to the drivers without being asked.

  1. No journey can be made without an electronic ticket or Personalized BursaKart.
  2. The driver takes the BursaKart of those who attempt to travel with someone else’s or fake Personalized BursaKart and delivers it to our directorate by issuing a report.
  3. Public transportation vehicles cannot be boarded and alighted outside the station.
  4. Board public transportation vehicles through the front door and get off through the middle and back doors.
  5. Press the get off button before the destination station, do not press the get off button at the last moment.
  6. Children between 0-6 years old can travel free of charge, provided they are accompanied by their parents.
  7. Disabled citizens, elderly people, pregnant women and women with children are given priority. Priority is given for boarding and alighting.
  8. No pets are allowed on board, except for dogs accompanying the visually impaired and pets carried in a precautionary cage.


In Public Transportation;

  • No noise is allowed.
  • No loud talking.
  • Radio-Music cannot be listened to loudly.
  • No behavior that may endanger human life.
  • Other passengers may not be disturbed by sleeping or reclining.
  • No more seats (except for the disabled) may be occupied than the space reserved for one passenger.
  • No garbage can be thrown into the public transportation vehicle.
  • Food and beverages cannot be eaten or drunk.
  • No behavior outside the general rules of morality.
  • Advertisements and posters cannot be hung or distributed.
  • Begging is not allowed.
  • No tools, equipment, seats, etc. in public transportation equipment cannot be damaged.
  • It is forbidden to ride with large items, flammable, explosive, breakable, spillable and odorous substances that may cause discomfort and damage to the vehicle and other passengers.
  • In this case, legal action will be taken in accordance with the relevant articles of the Turkish Penal Code.