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The basic principles that are valid in terms of ensuring the security of the transactions made by real or legal persons through our businesses (areas of activity) within BURULAŞ and all kinds of written, visual, electronic information, materials and media used in these transactions are stated below.


Content Use and Copyrights
The design, visual and written content, application, documents that can be downloaded or viewed on all websites belong to BURULAŞ, which are used in the promotion of BURULAŞ’s fields of activity, in the publication of information and news, and in the provision of services related to business activities. No information, including software codes, can be changed, copied, reproduced, published outside the domains of BURULAŞ and elsewhere without the express written permission of BURULAŞ. All copyrights, registered trademarks, patents and other property rights regarding information and materials that provide competitive advantage to BURULAŞ and its fields of activity, except for materials belonging to third parties and / or companies, belong to BURULAŞ.
BURULAŞ reserves the right to change the content on the websites, change or terminate the service provided.


Security of Personal Data
The information shared by the users with BURULAŞ for the purpose of using these services or updating the personal information they have previously provided, while accessing the services offered through the applications of our businesses (operating areas) within BURULAŞ, only by the system administrators assigned by BURULAŞ and who have the right to access-view the system. It can be used to continue the services in a healthy way, as required by law and legislation, or to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the data entered into the BURULAŞ system.


The information shared by people with BURULAŞ will not be shared or given to any third party, institution and organization for any reason, unless they are under a judicial decision and/or legal obligation, without the consent of the people. Unless a situation requiring disclosure of this information is developed by legal regulations, this information will not be disclosed with any exception.


Limits of Liability
The interoperability of BURULAŞ with other institutions is ensured by linking to the websites of these institutions and/or through the internet service interfaces of these institutions. The commitments in the Privacy Policy are valid only for the use of BURULAŞ and the applications offered by BURULAŞ belonging to its fields of activity. It does not cover public or private internet sites that are referred as links and the services of the sites themselves.


Confidentiality and terms of use regarding the use of the internet sites accessed through the link via BURULAŞ and its fields of activity are determined by the relevant sites. BURULAŞ cannot be held responsible in any way for any systematic, visual quality loss, information sharing and material and/or moral damages that may arise from the information to be obtained and used from these sites, the ethical principles followed by the relevant site, and the confidentiality principles.


E-Mail & SMS Notifications
All e-mail messages sent by BURULAŞ and/or its fields of activity are forwarded to the parties at burulas@burulas.com.tr, budo@burulas.com.tr, and SMS messages are forwarded to the parties under the names BURULAŞ, BUDO. Instant notification can be made through our mobile applications. BURULAŞ does not send commercial e-mails or SMS. The contact information of the users is not shared with third party persons or institutions.


If requested via 0850 850 99 16 Transportation Line, e-mail and SMS notifications can be blocked.