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We have compiled the most frequently asked questions from you. You can click on the question you want to see the answer.

For your lost property, you can contact the Lost Property Office at Osmangazi Station or call (0224) 452 52 44 / 6600 during working hours (08:00 – 18:00) on weekdays. (Deliver the lost items you find to the station officials in exchange for the Lost Property Report.)

Entering train lines is prohibited as it is dangerous and unsafe. In such a case, it will be sufficient to inform the personnel on duty at the station.

  • Passengers using BursaRay can enter the system by bicycle at other times, except between 07:00 – 09:00 on weekdays and between 17:00 and 19:00.
  • Cycling is allowed on Saturdays and Sundays without any time limit.
  • Foldable bikes can enter without time limit after being folded.
  • Cycling is allowed on public holidays when schools are closed, during semester breaks and during summer, including weekdays, without time limit.
  • Only one bicycle is allowed in a vehicle.
  • T1 and T3 tram vehicles cannot be ridden by bicycle.
  • Passengers with motorcycles are not allowed to ride on HRS, T1 and T3 vehicles.

Bicycle parking spaces at BursaRay stations are outside the controlled areas. Passengers who want to leave their bicycles in the bicycle park should take the necessary safety precautions and inform the security units in case of problems in this regard.

Theft in the train, sick passengers, etc. when you encounter situations, you can convey the situation to the train driver by using the “emergency call button” located next to the door.

Playing musical instruments on trains, begging by playing musical instruments is prohibited as “disturbing behavior to other passengers” is defined. In case of detection of such situations, the relevant municipality police units are reported and intervened. You can report such negative situations that you encounter during your journey to the train driver by using the emergency call button or you can inform the security guards working at the stations.

According to the rail system travel rules; No animals are allowed in the controlled area, except dogs accompanying the visually impaired and pets that can be transported in cages with precautionary measures.

You can find out the timetables of our rail system lines on the website https://www.burulas.com.tr/rayli-sistemler/bursaray/, from the passenger information boards at the stations or by calling the 0850 850 99 16 Call Center.

In the time between the end of the night train operating and the start of the morning, maintenance, repair and cleaning works of the train lines, trains and stations are carried out.

  • All trains have an air conditioning system, and when the train is active, the air conditioners start to work automatically. It is not technically possible for the train driver to turn the air conditioner on or off.
  • Sometimes air conditioners can malfunction. In these cases, the defective train is detected and taken out of operation as soon as possible and the train is intervened. Vehicle number, location and time information is needed in order to make the necessary intervention in a timely manner.

All trains have security sensors on their doors, and the doors are designed to open again when an obstacle is encountered. In addition, during normal operation, the train cannot technically move until all the doors of the train are closed. Our passengers should not get on/off trains after hearing the door closing sound.

In BursaRay, very large electrical energy is needed for the operation of the trains. It is technically not possible to maintain normal train operation by meeting this power from sources such as generators or UPS.

For all kinds of technical problems, complaints and suggestions about product vending machines, you can get help by contacting the phone numbers on the vending machines.

In order for the free cards to be checked by the security guard, such passes are made from a single point.

Pursuant to the article of the Law on the Prevention of Harms of Tobacco Products No. 4207, “Smoking tobacco and tobacco products is prohibited in all kinds of transportation vehicles and their waiting areas (platforms), institutions and organizations providing public service, and places”.

For such requests, you can call BURULAŞ Corporate Communications Unit (0224) 452 52 44 during working hours.

To get a personalized BursaKart, you can come to the Card offices with the necessary documents and get your transaction done.

In order to have your personalized BursaCard get a visa, you can have it done at the Card Offices if you apply with your card and the documents specified in the Documents required for Visa Procedures section.

It is located in Şehreküstü, Arabayatağı, Hamitler, University Bursaray Stations, Karacabey Bus Terminal, Bursa Bus Terminal, Gemlik District Terminal and Mustafa Kemal Paşa Center.

Those who will receive a free card for the first time should apply to the Travel Cards Offices with the relevant documents. You can access the list of passengers entitled to free travel from this link.

If you think you may have lost your card at BursaRay, first contact the lost and found office at Osmangazi Station. If your card is not here, you should immediately call the 0850 850 9916 Call Center to report your card losses, or apply to Burulaş Travel Cards Offices and have the lost card canceled and apply for a new card.

BursaKart is the backbone of the electronic fare collection system. You can get it from BursaKart Filling and Sales Points or dealers at any of our stations for a one-time system usage fee (50.00 TL). You can take advantage of the economical travel opportunity by loading your card as often and as much as you want. If your card is lost or broken/unusable, this fee is charged again.

You can load a minimum of 10.00 TL / a maximum of 300.00 TL to your BursaKart from Bursakart Filling and Sales points and Dealers at our stations. Show your card to the green screen on the entrance turnstile when getting on the subway, and to the card reader when getting on the bus and tram, from a distance of 10 cm at most.

If you have enough balance on your card, the green light will turn on, which means you can passed. 1 boarding fee will be automatically reduced from your card.

You can see the remaining balance on your card on the screen. If the red light on the card reader lights up, it means that there is not enough balance in your card for the passed. In this case, you need to filled your card. If the right of passage is not granted even though there is sufficient balance on your card, apply to Burulaş Travel Cards Offices for the solution of the problem. If you are using a personalized BursaKart that provides discounted or free pass, show your card to the officer without being asked. Those who attempt to pass even though they do not have a discounted or free pass are warned and are not allowed to enter the controlled area.

The cards of those who use discounted or free pass cards belonging to someone else are confiscated and these cards are handed over to the Burulaş Travel Cards Department in order to take necessary legal actions.

Discounts are made for up to 3 transfers within 90 minutes for vehicles that are included in the integrated ticket system, where the transfer discount is valid for boarding with BursaKart. No other transfer discount is applied after the transfer discount is applied in the 6, 7, 8 and 9 tariffs. 2 transfer discounts are applied for transfers made from tariff 0 to other tariffs within 90 minutes. 1 transfer discount is applied for transfers made within 90 minutes between other tariffs.