Burulaş Bursakart
Burulaş Otobüs

Dear people of Bursa,


With the pride of serving this ancient city, which has been home to many civilizations, we are working with all our strength to provide quality, comfortable and timely transportation to the people of Bursa.


We see transportation as “reuniting” our citizens with their jobs, homes, friends and spouses and we strive with all our sincerity to fulfill this sacred duty.


In addition to over 2000 buses on 353 lines in the city and 55 km of Rail System lines, we serve over 2 million passengers a day in the city and intercity with confidence and experience with Bursa Sea Buses BUDO, our airport bus line BBBUS, our Parking Lot Management and Intercity Bus Terminal.


We provide all our services for you, the people of Bursa, who deserve the best of everything, and we are improving ourselves in order to offer you better.
I greet the valuable citizens of our ancient city with love and respect.


Mehmet Kürşat Çapar
General Manager of Burulaş